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tapir: (Request) expiry date (2009-06-04 14:31) [#6119]

This was requested on Sensei's Wishlist.

An expiry date would enable using SL more conveniently for only temporary relevant data like online tournament, league, announcements whatever - without leaving too much pages to care afterwards.

Implementation probability?

ArnoHollosi: Re: (Request) expiry date (2009-08-01 13:18) [#6274]

How would this expiry work?

Will the page vanish afterwards, as if it has been deleted? Would the page only show a warning (e.g. like the orphan warning)? How would subpages and forum entries be affected? (both need a parent page)

tapir: Re: (Request) expiry date (2009-08-02 01:50) [#6279]

This feature was requested somewhere (and got some additional approval on Sensei's Wishlist). I just put it here... but I really like it. Just offer the option to create a temporary page during page creation with a date. And obviously sub-pages and forum will be deleted together with the mainpage.

I guess some people don't feel free to add temporary content without the possibility to easy removal.

PeterHB: Re: (Request) expiry date (2009-08-03 18:41) [#6287]

I'm ambivalent/neutral about this idea. If it was done, the intention is clearly for the deletion to happen automatically. An implementation suggestion:
1. The expiry date would be optionally added at page creation or editing. It would not be a default. Removing the expiry date on edit would convert a page to being a normal permanent page.
2. An automatic addition of some text (e.g. an expiring informative template ) added to the affected pages 1 month before their expiry date. This would also show up on recent changes. This gives interested parties a chance to change the page to a permanent page, or copy the content elsewhere.
3. Deletion would occur automatically when the expiry date occurs, (i.e. a month later in this example). This would also appear on recent changes. So the answer is yes, the page vanishes at this point.

This still leaves the child pages issue. This is the most vexious issue, and I don't see a satisfactory answer. Perhaps indicate auto-expiry pages to the user? A different background ground colour & expiry date indicated on the page somewhere. This would apply to the page and all its children ( sub-pages and forum pages ) for auto-expiry pages and their children. {Individual forum pages having an expiry date would be bad. Parts of a thread would disappear, making nonsense of the conversation left behind.} This sub-page auto-deletion would perhaps still be non-obvious to neophytes, even with a different background colour. I don't like the idea of confusing newcomers to SL. Newcomers are important. I don't want them to be bitten by an interface they perceive as complicated. So I still feel I don't have a satisfactory answer to the child pages issue.

tapir: Re: (Request) expiry date (2009-08-07 22:37) [#6299]

Obviously sub-pages should be deleted as well. I guess the proposal was made by people who want to organize e.g. an one-time online study-group, a small kgs tournament (or similar stuff) but feel uneasy about this page being online forever.

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