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HermanHiddema: Font issue (2009-05-26 16:46) [#6090]


  • a famous chinese go manual compiled around 1629 in the Ming Dynasty by Lu Xuanyu and his son.
  • a famous chinese go manual compiled around 1629 in the Ming Dynasty by L Xunyǔ (陸玄宇) and his son.

In my browser (Firefox 3.0.10) (EDIT: on Windows XP), the letter spacing different in the second line, presumably because it contains non ascii characters?

Is this a browser issue, or a stylesheet issue?

Unkx80: Re: Font issue (2009-05-26 16:45) [#6093]

I suspect Firefox under Windows XP is unable to correctly render certain stylesheet elements in the face of characters in mixed languages:

  • I verify this problem in Firefox 3.0.10. I recall that this problem used to affect other websites, such as an earlier version of the Wikipedia wiki engine using an earlier version of Firefox too.
  • This problem is not seen in Internet Explorer 8.0.
fractic: looks fine to me (2009-05-26 16:40) [#6091]

I'm also running firefox 3.0.10 on Ubuntu 9.04 but both lines are spaced exactly the same when I'm viewing them.

HermanHiddema: Re: looks fine to me (2009-05-26 16:42) [#6092]

Ok, I'm seeing this on Windows XP. But if it's fine on your browser, then it's probably no a Sensei's Library stylesheet issue, and we can consider the matter closed :)

PeterHB: Re: looks fine to me (2009-05-26 16:54) [#6094]

Yes, I agree with your conclusion to close this issue Herman.

Just for interest, I've tried it on WinXP with FireFox 3.0.10, IE 8, and Chrome and the font spacing looks fine on my machine.

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