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Comparing Go and Chess rankings [#1818]

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reply Comparing Go and Chess rankings (2009-05-06 16:39) [#6019]


I would be interested in hearing people's views as to Chess and Go rankings.

In Go, we refer to Kyu and Dan players, with the achievement of a 1 Dan rating or above being considered an achievement and an indication of very respectable playing strength.

Chess does not have such fine gradations, so that there is no equivalent distinguishing measurement between a weak International Master and a strong one. Nevertheless, using Chess ILO ratings, the US Chess Federation operates the following ranking system: 2400 and above: Senior Master 22002399: Master 20002199: Expert 18001999: Class A 16001799: Class B 14001599: Class C 12001399: Class D 10001199: Class E I realise that many people find concern about rankings unhealthy and even contrary to the spirit of Go, but what would SL readers' view of the equivalent ranking system for Go players? 1 Dan and better: Master 4-1 Kyu: Expert level player 9-5 Kyu: Class A 14-10: Class B 19-15 Kyu: Class C 25-20 Kyu: Class D 30-26 Kyu: Class E

HermanHiddema: Re: Comparing Go and Chess rankings (2009-05-06 16:51) [#6020]

See also the table at: FIDETitlesAndEGFGoRatings#toc6

That table is the result of a lot of discussion, and if probably reasonably accurate.

Also, there is: Rating Histogram Comparisons, which is also reasonably accurate, but suffers a little from the fact that the EGF rating list contains almost no professional level players, making the top of the list inaccurate. Re: Comparing Go and Chess rankings (2009-05-06 22:13) [#6021]


Hi. Thanks for the links. Very interesting information!

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