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Banned forever from the EGr? [#1765]

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reply Banned forever from the EGr? (2009-03-15 23:40) [#5845]

Can you be banned forever from the EGR? I got banned last time for being rude, and nicely I left, but after getting back on BigDoug thought I was banned forever. So nicely I told him that the admin never said that. After I told him this his response was: " Since you have no proof I will assume your are not allowed, and ban you. Even KGS+ users get treated harshly. I would rather be banned forever from the IGS then having to constantly being picked on, and misunderstood.You can't even defend your actions, and it's almost impossible to know what upsets the admins even after reading the TOS. I have never heard of someone being banned from the EGR, but I have heard that the ECR is a like a detention: a place to calm yourself. I would pay for KGS+ if it meant I was treated better. I said nothing bad when getting back on I even got comment for being very nice.

X Re: Banned forever from the EGR? (2009-03-15 23:39) [#5846]

Detail: I enjoy KGS, but not being banned from the EGR. I play go, but when it comes for a rest I go to the EGR. I got banned cause I asked the question where the ECR was. The admin responded: " You know full well where it is. This is you've been here before." Then I responded: " I might have been here a long time. but I always wondered where it was". Then got banned. I still don't know how to go there. After getting back I asked if you could be banned forever from the EGR. then I got banned again. Please feel free to ask questions.

Ian: Re: Banned forever from the EGr? (2009-03-16 12:15) [#5849]

I see you are the person who vandalised several KGS related pages here. There is no reason for me to believe that what you are saying is true. Given your actions here that is doubly so. Re: Banned forever from the EGr? (2009-03-26 15:57) [#5882]

That was fun.

tapir: you need attention, no? (2009-03-16 00:11) [#5847]

Hello, I understand you're frustrated because of being banned on KGS EGR, but KGS isn't only the EGR so keep cool, stay calm and hopefully your problem can be solved. What I don't understand is your current action on SL, you're deleting content from a dozen or so user pages... you can get attention without that. I hereby encourage you to put the content you deleted back on the pages, otherwise we have to make your access to SL read-only.

Cheers, Tapir.

X Re: you need attention, no? (2009-04-06 02:44) [#5900]

How did you know? I thought it would stay quiet?

tapir: Re: you need attention, no? (2009-04-08 17:12) [#5911]

FullRecentChanges ;)

PeterHB: Hopefully not. Give it a few days. (2009-03-16 01:58) [#5848]

As you know, the EGR is the default room that you appear in when first connect to KGS. To get into the ECR, look at the top of the 'KGS: Rooms' window for the 'Rooms' menu item and select the 'Room list' menu item. In the new window, called 'KGS: Room List' click on the 'Main' twisty. Hopefully a list of rooms appears. Select the 4th one down labelled 'English Chat Room', followed by join at the bottom of the window.

You will hopefully find that the KGS admin's give you more latitude with chat in the ECR. By the way, a tip for not getting hassled by admins in the EGR is to say absolutely nothing after an admin issues a warning in the EGR, even if the warning wasn't aimed at you. Literally nothing. Not an apology, not a defense of your opinions, an agreement, a complaint, anything. This trick normally works like magic, letting you chat to your hearts content for years without getting bumped off the server ever. Obviously, when you come back to chat again, use a lot of common-sense about not doing anything you've seen admins issue warnings about.

Personally, I think emailing admin@gokgs.com with a polite note outlining the specific problem you are having and marking it for the attention of 'glue' is normally the best way forward if you are having a lot of difficulties with the kgs admins. I have found her to be very straight forward. Perhaps you have had less luck.

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