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xela: Book reviews (2009-03-08 08:05) [#5821]

I'm surprised at how few book reviews there are on SL--I'm sure there's much more scope for users to say what they think of their favourite (or least favourite!) books.

I suspect part of the reason is that there's no clear place to put them. Most of the book pages are "encylopedia-style" entries, and it doesn't feel appropriate to put personal opinions on those pages. Some users put book reviews as subpages of their home pages--but then it's hard to find the review.

There's no indication of a site policy on reviews, but somehow there's a feeling that reviewing books here is discouraged (or maybe it's just my imagination?)

What do you think of the idea of creating a /reviews subpage of each book page? It could contain links to reviews elsewhere on this site and offsite, as well as being a place where people would feel free to add personal opinions.

(There is some great material linked from Japanese Book Reviews?--thanks FredK!--but nothing so comprehensive for most English language books.)

X Re: Book reviews (2009-03-08 13:05) [#5822]

Velobici: FredK has be doing a wonderful job of writing reviews for new Japanese books. Using a subpage for longer reviews sounds like a great idea. The book template has a clear location for book least reviews of a paragraph or two. Don't know why there are not more book reviews. Could be that the reviews done by David Carlton and referenced from the Reviews section of many book pages are considered by some folks to be good enough that folks don't write their own reviews. Take a look at Jungsuk in our Time for examples

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