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tapir: nomination process (2009-02-03 14:32) [#5760]

i see that we need to decide about the upcoming articles once in a while. this page didn't succeed in making a collective process out of it. but again this is for the lack of regular contributors. any ideas how we can do it more collectively? (otherwise i m happy to approve herman formally for the duty he took up already.)

HermanHiddema: Re: nomination process (2009-05-12 14:24) [#5761]

We could use the "voting" mechanism, where you put either + or - behind a submission (linked to your username). I can then select the most popular current nominations...

Other than that, I'm just promoting some nominations to upcoming now because it needs to be done. I see no problem with other regular contributors doing the same. So if you think some nomination really deserves a go, feel free to promote it to the upcoming page.

As a rough guideline, I'm personally trying to avoid having the same type of article coming up twice in a row. So not "Rui Naiwei" followed by "Go Seigen", that'd be two player articles in a row.

tapir: Re: nomination process (2009-02-03 17:39) [#5762]

I started adding comments to some nominations, but after everyone else remained silent I felt stupid and deleted them. (Some where wrong as well.)

HermanHiddema: Re: nomination process (2009-05-12 14:21) [#6032]

Well, the mechanism with the votes seems to be working, though more voters would be nice :-)

tapir: ((no subject)) (2010-11-14 21:44) [#8126]

Today, I uniliterally put Accepting Defeat on the upcoming list, for a lack of votes here on any of the nominations. Should we self-feature the article of the week, maybe as part of a "Sensei's Library 101" series, which explain certain features once a time.

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