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reply Diagram search? (2008-11-17 15:02) [#5284]

Bob McGuigan: Whatever happened to diagram search? If I recall correctly there was some discussion of this topic a while ago and Arno was going to look into it. I'd like give another reason for implementing diagram search. On SL I keep seeing questions about various standard positions posted when the poster could easily have found material that answered the question with a diagram search. Off of SL, in Go Discussions, many weaker players ask questions that are answered on SL. It seems to be the case especially that access to information on SL is difficult for newcomers or weaker players who are not familiar with the standard go terminology. Maybe a diagram search function would improve the situation.

fractic: Re: Diagram search? (2008-11-17 16:07) [#5287]

There is a full board search implemented. See find position page. I have to admit that it's well hidden. I only found it through the wiki news page. Corner search is planned for some unspecified time in the future. Re: Diagram search? (2008-11-17 17:03) [#5288]

Bob: Thanks. I had forgotten about it. It would be nice to have corner search implemented since that's the sort of question I see posted most often.

Unkx80: Re: Diagram search? (2008-11-17 19:15) [#5289]

There was some discussion on corner and side search. However, Arno did not find an efficient algorithm for doing so, and so this is not implemented for now.

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