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tderz: older versions (2008-10-31 09:50) [#5199]

Dear Gilles,

I might want to download an older version of DRAGO on my (work)computer, as these were installable, whereas the newest one is not (on my workcomputer).

I do not have administrative rights.

Where there changes w.r.t. this within the versions?

Many thanks for your great product!!!

___ EDIT: I found already the ZIP for setup for version v3.2 on my computer. (and it works), hence no further action required.

Where there changes w.r.t. to installing in the DRAGO setup? Or have our computers tighter regulations now?

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2008-11-01 00:32) [#5205]

Hi Thomas,

the previous versions are not removed from the server and can be downloaded with these URLs: where xxyyzz has to be replaced by the release number.

I am a little bit surprised you have been able to find the 3.20 as it is the version under development and has never left my computer :) I guess you mean 2.20

The setup has never changed. You could try to copy the install folder from one computer to another. Contact me if you think I can be of any help.


tderz: Re: ((no subject)) version number (2008-11-02 14:41) [#5215]

Thank you,


I could verify which version it actually is, but not now. Perhaps I mistyped several days ago, or during original ZIP-downloading

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