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Korea's "gup"s [#1597]

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reply Korea's "gup"s (2008-10-27 15:53) [#5184]

What happened to Korea's "gup"s on that page?

HermanHiddema: Re: Korea's "gup"s (2008-10-27 16:00) [#5185]

They were replaced by K's (because gup is simply Korean for kyu), and the current list reflects the Hankuk Kiwon system as explained at [ext]

Tartuffe: Gup ratings are still relevant. (2009-03-12 06:49) [#5830]

Even if there is a new dan-kyu rating system in Korea, the gup rating is still relevant. Multiple times I have met Korean Go players and described myself as a 1- or 2-dan, only to receive a gasp of astonishment at the mistaken surprise of meeting a professional-strength go player. (Then I have to correct the mistake, a downer for both parties.) :)

Basically, the gup levels make communication with older players easier, even if no one is handing out new gup ratings (this could be debated). Deleting them, rather than adding a caveat or placing them elsewhere, was a mistake because it takes away information that is still meaningful.

X Re: Gup ratings are still relevant. (2009-03-12 08:40) [#5831]

Rather than reintroducing G instead of K, we should point players to the Gup article, which explains all this.

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