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special:search template problems [#1585]

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axd: special:search template problems (2008-10-28 22:42) [#5166]

axd: Is there a reason why template pages themselve cannot list the pages that have the template? E.g. in the MergeTemplate page, it seems handy to list the pages:

Instead, it shows html0 . And then... edit this very section I just typed here and discover what I just discover... (just in case: I typed !html0 and got the list of merge pages)

euhm... right.

Same happens on Yutopian, bottom: apparently, the mechanism has a problem when it tries to refer to the page it is embedded in.

ArnoHollosi: fixed (2008-10-27 23:33) [#5187]

should be fixed now. Thanks for the report.

axd: Re: fixed (2008-10-28 13:09) [#5188]

Thanks. Is there a reason why this doesn't work:

{{ special:search | parameter=book:translated-by | value=RobertJTerry }}

No matching pages found.

Maybe it has to do with spaces? Or the '-', which seems to be discarded when doing a classic search.

(see e.g. Pure and Simple - Takao's Astute Use of Brute Force

ArnoHollosi: Re: fixed - links in parameters (2008-10-28 22:42) [#5189]

fixed some issues. Search should work now.

Note: the value has to be written in the same way as in the calling template! Line 1 below works, line 2 doesn't work (link to same page, but different syntax of value.) The search template does not interpret values as wiki markup, but as pure text.

1) {{ special:search | parameter=book:translated-by | value=[Robert J. Terry] }}
2) {{ special:search | parameter=book:translated-by | value= RobertJTerry }}
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