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reply Creating problems with Drago (2008-10-18 17:50) [#5158]

Hi !

I'm trying to create a problem collection based on a book I bought (so I can solve the problems with my PDA when bored etc.)

I've transcribed the problems from the book into separate boards on a single SGF file using Drago's UI exclusively.

However, I am now facing a problem, as I cannot specify which of the branches of an individual board configuration is the "correct answer" one. Similarly, if you have multiple branches, how do you specify which branch Drago suggests when you use the "Hint" feature?

Is it possible to add user interface elements to Drago which allows specifying these? If not, then simple instructions on how to manually modify the SGF file (with a text editor) are ok too.

Please note that I tried looking at the "Easy.sgf" file for details on this first, but the markings WV etc do not seem to work correctly when I use them in my own problems file.

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2008-10-19 13:23) [#5159]

They are several ways to define the correct or incorrect variations in a problem sgf:

  • the main line is the right one, no markups required
  • the word RIGHT is added in the comment at the end of the right variation. This is the way used by
  • the begin of each wrong variation is tagged with a wrong variation markup (WV). No conflict with other markups, but not SGF compliant. This is the one used by uliGo
  • as previous but using triangle markups
  • ...

Drago recognizes the four firsts. If you choose "Wrong Variation" markups with Drago, use Insert...|Others dialog. But of course, you must use a program which recognizes them to replay your problems.

If you still face difficulties, I can check your problem files (email in About box).


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