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Error adding kgs downloads to database [#1556]

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reply Error adding kgs downloads to database (2008-09-27 00:34) [#5087]

I'm getting errors adding kgs sgf files (acquired from the download link on your site.) It's not a corrupt file; I can usually just add the file it stopped on again and it works. I can run the same list several times and it stops on different files each time.

The message says:

Application Error :(

Access violation at address 6798353E in module 'LibKombilo?.dll'. Write of address 00000000

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Kevin

GillesArcas: Fix available (2008-09-27 13:03) [#5089]


a fix release is available but still not linked in the download page. Just download [ext] release 3.16.


GillesArcas: Drago 3.16 released - Fix and Chinese Martian translation (2008-09-28 00:53) [#5098]

The new version fixes the problem occurring with database creation. I was able to correct but not to understand what the bug has appeared only now! Download at [ext] .

This version brings also a Chinese Martian translation. More information at [ext] .


reply fixed. (2008-10-17 01:40) [#5152]

Thank you, the fix worked great for me.


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