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reply Problem Cards (2005-11-10 18:39) [#441]

I'm interested in printing out a stack of Go problems on small, square cards, so players can shuffle the deck and solve a random problem in a random orientation. Does anyone know if there's a quick way for me to download a set of problems (e.g. the Korean Problem Academy on Gobase) in some sort of image format?

Alternatively, does anybody sell problems in this format?

malweth: Re: Problem Cards (2005-11-11 17:56) [#448]

I often encode problems from books and the web in SGF format (such as the Problem Academy ones). It should be fairly simple to do the same and capture images of the actual problems. In the case of the Problem Academy ones on Gobase, you could probably even save (or at least capture) the image to print out on cards.

Copyright issues would prevent one from sharing these problem sets - I'm not sure what the rules are... Re: Problem Cards (2005-11-11 23:34) [#449]

The BGA sells some if you check on their website

reply Problem Cards (2005-11-11 17:23) [#447]

Great Idea: I would suggest googling for the problems you are looking for with a separate ".pdf"

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