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Remove obsolete wishes? [#1541]

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Harleqin: Remove obsolete wishes? (2008-08-31 20:24) [#5048]

These pages have become quite cluttered with requests that already have been implemented. Can I just delete such paragraphs when I encounter them, or should I leave this to someone else, like wms?

tapir: Re: Remove obsolete wishes? (2010-10-15 15:11) [#8046]

You can remove them afaik. Re: Remove obsolete wishes? (2010-10-16 15:35) [#8050]

RueLue: I woldn't delete any wish. Instead move some wishes: rejected, archive (those with no support), done, (...?). Seemingly foolish wishes may lead to a good idea (see the wish lists as some kind of brainstorming), some attributions have parts, which can help realize another wish.

tapir: Re: Remove obsolete wishes? (2010-10-17 13:54) [#8052]

I feel it is hard to keep accessible, if you decide not to remove or consolidate wishes and ideas. (As with brainstorming where I want to throw away all the used paper after having extracted some ideas.) But an archive may be a way to make this possible.

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