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KGS account expiration ? [#1531]

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tderz: KGS account expiration ? (2008-08-24 03:28) [#5006]

When does an account expire on KGS ? (and why at all?)

I cannot log in, yet see that someone else (guest account) played under my name (June).

Mine are those played around 3d level Oct. 2004 and Sept 2005.

I also are quite convinced that some games are missing - is that possible? I clicked on [ext] KGS Archive through many month, but could not find games I was looking for.

Dear WMS: is a revival possible? Could games have been deleted?

X Re: KGS account expiration ? (2008-08-24 20:54) [#5009]

Why are you asking this on senseis library? Yes accounts expire. No games don't go missing.

tderz: Re: KGS account expiration ? - WHEN does it happen? (2008-08-25 00:40) [#5011]

Why are you asking this on senseis library? <<<

  • Because I wanted to get an answer! Thank you for providing me one.

Was your hidden meaning that I should have asked somewhere else?
Do you imply somewhere on KGS? My thoughts were: "I know Senseis" and "Many KGS users are on Senseis" and a long time ago , someone at KGS was unhappy, when I asked too many questions.

Yes accounts expire. <<<

  • Can I also assume that you are qualified to tell me WHEN they expire?
  • Is there an e-mail warning system foreseen (e.g. 'Open and/or play with this account, otherwise ...')

No games don't go missing. <<<

  • True, now I found the games; it was so much clicking for retrieving it on a month-by-month basis, that the one I was looking for , slipped through.
  • A New Question:

can I do a re-registration and access the games played by 'me' - as mine?
OK, re-registration done. Who could link the games to my (new) account? (as they do not appear under (own) 'Games' in the 'Edit user information' tab)

PeterHB: Expiring accounts (2008-08-25 01:10) [#5012]

You've discovered the way I believe KGS works, that once an account expires, (which I think is after 6 months of no logon,) anyone can re-create that account name with a new password.

Try visiting the page: [ext] http://www.gokgs.com/archives.xhtml and clickon 'Include expired and guest accounts?'. You may be lucky and get your old games listed too.

If that doesn't work, I suggest writing a polite mail to: admin@gokgs.com . If anyone knows, they will. WMS has delegated his KGS admin responsibilities to the people like 'glue' who look at the admin@gokgs.com account.

tderz: Re: Expiring accounts (2008-08-25 01:29) [#5013]

Thankn you, PeterHB, I will do as you suggest!

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