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reply Multiple Game Records (2005-11-10 15:14) [#430]

Hello, is there a file format that will support the storage of more than 1 game in a single file? I am aware that sgf can be made to do this, but it suffers a slight loss of features in some respects. Does anyone know of another possibility?

tderz: Re: Multiple Game Records (2005-11-10 15:37) [#431]

Hi, I am interested: which features are lost, affected or inferior? (Tommie)

reply Re: Multiple Game Records (2005-11-10 15:44) [#432]

Tderz: the players names vanish, the komi vanishes, the event vanishes etc. I might have a play with wms's output to see if I can make them reappear, but I suspect they've gone for a reason.

UPDATE -- looking over it I can reintroduce names I think. SmartGo seems to display them. I shall try in more applications. Does anyone know if Ishi can cope with more than 1 game for example?

tderz: Re: Multiple Game Records (2005-11-10 16:02) [#433]

I use SmartGo, that's why I didn't seem to notice any disadvantage. If Ishi-files have the *.go extension, then SmartGo can read them.

reply Re: Multiple Game Records (2005-11-10 17:43) [#437]

Ah I was looking over the ishi spec, and yes it can handle muliple games in one file. This is the good news. Bad news things like smart go don't seem to be able to read the extra events. (Am I missing something)

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