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reply Star point (2008-08-05 16:16) [#4958]

When I exported a game file to PDF, the star points did not show.Is there any way to solve it?

GillesArcas: Re: Star point (2008-08-06 00:55) [#4961]

Check if Options > Board > Hoshis is selected. Note that you can control the size of hoshis when exporting to PDF with Options > Advanced > PDF > Hoshi stone ratio. Keep me informed.

leslielau: Re: Star point (2008-08-06 12:25) [#4964]

It works now.Thanks.

2a02:8308:708a:a500: Re: Star point (2023-08-26 15:58) [#12295]

Hello, but the option apparently doesn't work for normal view and I can't find an option to make it bigger. The hoshi is practically invisible now.

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