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Dieter: request for new keyword (2008-07-25 17:40) [#4908]

A large subset of pages without keywords which are not easy to give one, are the go variants. They're are about a hundred of them listed at the index page. I kindly request the "variant" keyword.

Unkx80: Seconded (2008-07-25 17:53) [#4909]

Was about to make this request myself.

What keyword should be used for pages describing websites? Pages dealing with languages?

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2008-07-25 18:49) [#4910]
  • we update "Books and publications" to "Media", which I do not prefer
  • we redefine it as "Books and magazines" and create another one "Digital resources", which includes descriptions of websites
  • other alternatives - I'm not happy with the two listed
ArnoHollosi: added (2008-07-26 10:31) [#4914]

"Variant" added.

I would keep "Books and publications" as is and either

  • mark pages about websites as "Online Go"
  • or create a keyword "Web resource" or even "Website" (even if (technically speaking) some resources are not on the web, but on the net)
Dieter: keyword game commentary (2009-09-21 10:28) [#6410]

A number of the pages I cannot classify are the (pro) game commentaries. Up until now I have been marking them as "strategy" which is unsatisfactory.

"Game commentary" "Commented game"

ArnoHollosi: Re: keyword game commentary (2009-10-25 09:35) [#6485]

added "Game commentary" as keyword.

tapir: Re: keyword game commentary (2009-10-25 14:04) [#6486]

What about our Ongoing Game reviews? Are they game commentaries as well?

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