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stlWill: Duan vs Dan (2008-07-11 22:47) [#4880]

While discussing the different Japanese Go terms v. Chinese Weiqi terms with a friend from China, I'm unsure if there's an equivalent term for the 1 dan amateur rank. It sounds like the Duan term refers to a 1p and Ji refers to Kyu level players. Can anyone confirm or clarify this point?

Unkx80: Re: Duan vs Dan (2008-07-11 23:01) [#4883]

段 (duan4) = dan, 级 (ji2) = kyu.

Whether 段 refers to professional dan or amateur dan, depends on context. Similar comment for 级.

(Yes, there is such a term "professional kyu". I have seen it used to describe the difficulty of problems.) Re: Duan vs Dan (2008-07-12 00:22) [#4884]

John F. That will likely just mean "pro class" and have nothing to do with rankings. Re: Duan vs Dan (2016-04-10 12:40) [#10709]

This is years old, but as I have something to add I will :) Usually China distinguishes between amateur rank and professional rank by using character instead of number for the dan rank. (e.g. 三段 = 3p, 3段 = 3d).

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