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(Resolved) Problem with edit section / edit block [#1470]

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ArnoHollosi: (Resolved) Problem with edit section / edit block (2008-07-27 20:08) [#4846]

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axd: Help! Just realised I did a 'orrible thing: can someone restore phpwiki:?TextFormattingRules:v38? (Was about to remove the edit phpwiki:?diff=TextFormattingRules&new=40 because of phpwiki:?diff=MessageBoard&new=2623)

  • Don't know what happened, but phpwiki:?diff=TextFormattingRules&new=41 got rid of the remainder of the page. um... I know how to handle edits, so I wonder what happened there - as far as I can remember, I edited a section only. Not sure if this is a bug - most probably more of a finger trouble - but I'm surprised.
  • Also, there is no link to restore to the previous version.
  • Also noticed that the Minor Edit tickbox is reset each time one clicks "Preview".

And another wish: is there a way to search for parts of URLs? For example, which pages contain URLs that contain "gofed" or "clistron" in their URL string?

Arno: if you have set your access level to 'deshi' in UserPreferences you will see a "Undo edit from previous author" below the text area in the edit page.

About "minor edit" will look into it, but checked one case just now and it worked as it should. Will test more cases to find the problem.

Searching part of URLs: upper right corner, search in titles.

Will look into the section edit for possible problems. Maybe it was some transient network error? I look into it.

ArnoHollosi: happened again (2008-07-05 11:00) [#4847]

(moved from main page)

axd: OK - I now call this officially a bug. Happened again on phpwiki:?diff=DieterVerhofstadt%2FTeachingExperiences&new=74, same as phpwiki:?diff=BugReport&new=1515 As far as I remember, I did a block edit of the diff block from Recent Changes, can't remember having erased such a big chunk of text. Page restored + updated as originally intended. I'm using Firefox, in case it helps. Cannot reproduce the bug, sorry.

ArnoHollosi: resolved (2008-07-27 20:15) [#4920]

I think I've found the cause of this bug. It was related to this issue and has been fixed a while back. The problem occured when authenticated users where reediting a section of a page while their IP address had changed.

If it ever occurs again, please post here.

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