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reply Download link malfunctioning (2008-06-24 20:08) [#4787]

I am interested in using drago, but the installer on the site is not working properly. I've downloaded the file 4 or 5 times in the last few weeks, but there is definately something wrong with it. I tried to send an e-mail to, but it didn't go through for some reason. If anyone knows where I can find a correct version or how I can contact the creator please post.

       -thewilson 13k
Unkx80: Re: Download link malfunctioning (2008-06-24 20:53) [#4788]

I am able to download and install a copy of Drago from [ext] here on a Windows XP machine, so I do not think the download file is corrupted.

To better help Gilles Arcas to diagnose your problem and to help you, perhaps you should be more specific on the problem you encountered. Particularly useful for him would be the error message you encountered during downloading or when you try to run the installer. Re: Download link malfunctioning (2008-06-24 23:39) [#4789]

The message I am recieving from my XP desktop computer (and have recieved same results on my laptop running vista) is that the zip archive is invalid and cannot be extracted.

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2008-06-26 00:45) [#4792]

I have some tens of downloads of the current version every day and no problem reports about downloading or zip integrity until now. Note also that I always test a new release by downloading and installing it.

However, someone reported problems for downloading one of the previous versions, but this problem disappeared after some trials. Perhaps the zip problem you describe is due to an incorrect download.

As consequences:

  • there may be some downloading problems in undetermined circumstances. If this would happen again, I will contact the host support.
  • I will try to find an alternate downloading location
  • Please try downloading from [ext] . Not an ideal solution but at least it gives a possibility before proposing a mirror.

Please note that the mail address you mention is misspelled (use "gilles" rather than "giles")


reply Invalid zip file (2008-10-04 12:44) [#5112]

The download link is giving me invalid zip files, tried many times. Size of the downloaded file seems to vary. I don't have problems with other downloads. I'll try the rapidshare next.

GillesArcas: Alternate download page (2008-10-04 15:53) [#5113]

If you find problems when downloading on main site, try [ext] here . By the way, if someone had any idea about what could cause these sporadic problems, I would be very interested in. --Gilles

X Re: Alternate download page (2008-10-05 14:08) [#5114]

I succeedeed in downloading the program from your link. Perhaps my problem could have been caused by almost full USB memory stick?

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