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FredK: Problems with Drago (2008-04-03 02:52) [#4582]

I've installed Drago on my Computer, and I use it to play against MOGO. My problem is, I can't set Drago to give MOGO a handicap. Or rather, when I do, the board is displayed with MOGO's handicap stones in place; but then, even though it's my move, the system goes into think mode, with the hourglass icon, and doesn't allow a white move. Just as a test I set up a two stone game and then went out somewhere, and when I returned an hour later the hourglass was still there.

Even games are OK. But, each time I launch Drago a message window appears saying "abnormal termination of game engine", even though I closed everything down the right way in previous times. Going to the engine settings window and merely clicking OK restores functionality, but this all seems strange.

Is it likely any of this is my fault?

X Re: Problems with Drago (2008-04-03 12:46) [#4583]

Tree turning on "free placement", then MoGo will put them down on the handicap points as his first move.

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2008-04-12 15:12) [#4593]

Hello FredK,

I have sent you an email some days ago to the address given in your home page. Did you see it?


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