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reply Status bar bug (2008-03-16 09:05) [#4508]

I am using Drago on a Thinkpad T60p (Vista English). Unfortunately, there seems to be a display bug in the status bar. I cannot get any game information (estimations, ...). Instead, the status bar displays "File | New... | Open Folder..." (see screen shot at [ext]

I am using the latest version of Drago. I also completely uninstalled the software and re-installed. I deleted the settings file, and also tried running it as Administrator.

On a friends Thinkpad T60 (also Vista), there is no such problem.

Do you have any idea what could be wrong ?

Regards, Daniel

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2008-03-16 21:42) [#4509]

I have already seen this one but as I have not seen it for a long time, I had the hope it could fix itself alone! I have posted a question on a Borland news group and it appears it is a well known issue due to low level event handling.

However, as I have changed a lot of things, it is perhaps already fixed (after changing some UI components) in the next release. This next release is available as a beta release at [ext] . If you take a try, please keep me informed of the result.

Thanks a lot for reporting this. --Gilles

reply ((no subject)) (2008-03-18 20:17) [#4523]

Hi Gilles,

Yes, the latest beta fixes the problem. Thank you very much!



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