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Why are dame filled? [#1179]

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reply Why are dame filled? (2007-10-30 16:58) [#4002]

My father recently came up with the question why dame are filled at the end of a game. The only reason I could think of was "it's easier to count". Are there further reasons?

Bill: Re: Why are dame filled? (2007-10-31 22:05) [#4008]

One important reason is that sometimes a protective move is required when a dame is filled.

reply ((no subject)) (2007-10-30 17:03) [#4003]

I don't think so.

But "easier to count" is a fine reason. Not only because a dame point could end up in a players territory during rearangement, but also because some points may look like teritory before dame are filled though they are really not and will have to be filled.

reply ((no subject)) (2007-10-30 18:52) [#4005]

Of course, in area counting systems they are worth something ;)

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