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reply Go bowls and stones (2007-10-04 10:54) [#3937]

Hi, I am looking for a real nice set of Bowls and Stones (slate and shell).

Any recommendation on an on-line supplier for these?

Also - any recommendation on the type? is the price difference between the various stones grades "justified"? and should i go for the 9.2 size stones?


X Re: Go bowls and stones (2007-10-05 02:36) [#3938]

Check out Kurokigoishiten: [ext] http://www.kurokigoishi.co.jp/online_shop/english/index.html They have the greatest variety of choices and the prices are quite reasonable imo. Whether the price differential for the different grades of stones is "worth it" is something only you can say.

Zarlan: Re: Go bowls and stones (2008-11-15 18:10) [#5275]

I intend to get 9.8 size stones, next time I buy stones. It's a really nice size.
But of course, personal taste is a factor.

reply ((no subject)) (2008-04-28 00:04) [#4644]

Go to www.samarkand.net, they have alot of supplies and ordering is easy.

X Re: Samarkand changes business model (2009-03-08 23:22) [#5823]


Ms Kim's shop, Samarkand, is no longer selling go merchandise retail; wholesale only.

from their site: [ext] http://www.samarkand.net/ "Please note: Samarkand has shifted from an online retail store to wholesale distribution."

eBay yields several online sources for good go equipment but don't necessarily buy based on price alone. Be sure to see the AGA listings for recommendations. The companies listed tend to support the AGA or other go organizations and deserve your patronage. [ext] http://www.usgo.org/resources/distributors.html

I have purchased several exquisite go products from [ext] http://www.kurokigoishi.co.jp/english/index.html and enjoyed the transactions. Be sure to visit the outlet store for remarkable bargains even considering the cost of shipping from Japan.

I have a superb board from Carol Dufour, a wood artist in Canada but they apparently have taken down their Web site, more's the pity.

[ext] http://hilltopgo.com/agej/2003/2003-10-20.txt

GO REVIEW: Purpleheart Go Board Reviewed by David Bogie

And my favorite bowls were hand-crafted by a pine needle artist here in Boise, Idaho. [ext] http://basketmakers.com/topics/bymaterial/pineneedle/pnmakersdir.htm [ext] http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?articleId=281474977358836 david boise ID

reply ((no subject)) (2008-11-15 16:05) [#5274]

www.mastersgames.com has a good section, got my go board & stones from this site.

reply Go bowls and stones (2008-11-29 22:06) [#5324]

I bought a superb set of shell and slate stones from Marchand.be in Brussels. Although that was while visiting Brussels, they have an online order facility or will post to you. The shop has a very good go book and equipment selection.

reply ((no subject)) (2008-11-29 22:09) [#5325]

Mahasattva: The address and website for Marchand is: 60, rue de Belle-Vue 1000 Bruxelles Tel. 02 / 649.39.97 Fax 02 / 640.67.27 E-mail: info@marchand.be

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