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reply who is Wang Chuang? (2021-10-15 14:24) [#11893]

"Wang Chuang" was the runner up in 2015 and the winner in 2019, so if this is the richest Chinese ladies' tournament then she's clearly a major player.

But who is she? There's no article. No mention in the list of Chinese names. No mention in the list of Chinese professionals. No English Wikipedia page. No relevant search engine hits for her name, even with "weiqi" added.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-10-15 14:34) [#11894]

(still me, I just logged in)

Wang is 王 or 汪. Wan (万), Weng (翁) and Yang (杨) are potential sources of confusion.

I can't find any reference for a professional with the given name Chuang. What I found is -chuan (川) being used in compounds, mainly Yuchuan (豫川) but also in Mingchuan (明川); and one use of Chang (畅). So I'm leaning towards the idea that there's been a misspelling or misreading of the given name.

The name Wang Chuang is used by the Go To Everyone! page, which is perhaps how it entered SL.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-10-15 14:37) [#11895]

There's also no profile on the Perfect Weiqi Database or Go4Go.

I also searched the AGA site and got no results.

bugcat: solved (2021-10-15 14:47) [#11896]

Mystery solved.

I searched Go4Go for the 2019 Jiangqiao Cup Final (see [ext] here) and it turned up Wang Shuang, who is attested in the usual places.

The characters are 王 爽. Wiktionary doesn't give a ch- reading for 爽 in any Chinese language, so Chuang appears to have been a typo.

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