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replacing dead SGFs [#11139]

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bugcat: replacing dead SGFs (2021-09-18 15:52) [#11868]

It's come (back) to my attention that many of the SGF links on Sensei's are to, but that domain has been dead for over ten years.

If you see an infoseek SGF link, and you have the time, it would be good practice to replace it with one to Go4Go and / or Waltheri, or to another working database.

This project is one such accumulation of those infoseek SGF links, I think.

Sometimes an infoseek SGF will also be available in the Internet Archive. Linking to an archived version is also fine, ofc, although it won't come with an online viewing environment.

Oh, and also note that, another common outlink destination, apparently collapsed last year.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-09-18 16:16) [#11869]

I've updated four of the sixteen pages. I'll probably come back some time to do the rest, but that's all I've done for now. As always, the reader of this post is free to take up the mantle himself ^^

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-09-18 23:26) [#11870]

Finished Stage 2, meaning there are only four games left to update.

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