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note on "Kim Kang-geun" [#10948]

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bugcat: note on "Kim Kang-geun" (2021-08-09 23:54) [#11787]

According to the list of Korean professionals, "Kim Kanggeun" or "Gim Ganggeun" is a pageless 7p with the hangul 김강근.

This isn't surprising when you realise that the list is very patchy in articling, with even many 8ps and 9ps not associated with an article.

At some point I might make a full run through those articles, but I'm putting it behind the Japanese pros list so I don't have to poke through romanisation variants.

In any case, let's make sure he has an article before we put this out on AotW.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-08-09 23:56) [#11788]

Oh, and I wasn't able to find a profile on the Perfect Weiqi Database.

There might be one on the federation site, but idk how to locate it.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-08-10 00:00) [#11789]

Aha! I simply searched the hangul on the federation site and the profile popped up [ext] here.

I note that the site has not provided a romanisation.

Which brings us back around to my desire for an SL policy on Korean romanisation...

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