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Unkx80: Other alternatives to consider (2007-07-28 18:12) [#3617]

Since a review is requested... I will give some non-authoritative comments.


Assuming W2, then B3 and B5 puts a lot of pressure on the W2 and W4 stones. While some may argue that the Black stones are too close to the White stones, I prefer this result over the two-space jump result, because the two-space jump result seems too slack.


This aims at the aji of the cut at a. The black+circle stone can be treated lightly.

If W2 at a, then this exchange already profits Black, so B3 can consider playing at b.

If W2 at c, then B3 can play at a to threaten cutting off the three White stones on the top.


I don't claim I have done enough reading on this one. But just another sequence to think about.

Of course, for this particular position, another possibility is just to tenuki. But I might prefer to try to make sabaki before throwing away the sabaki stones, if need be.

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