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reply driving into a Moyo (2007-07-27 19:54) [#3611]

Is it appropriate to drive a single line of stones into a moyo to reduce it? It seems frequently in my games my opponent will think he has a territory, but I am able to drive a generally safe (but sometimes attackable) line of stones straight into the center of it. Is the appropriate? Is there a better/another way to think of this? typically this comes from a reducing move at a 3 or four space gap that allows entry. Typically, I try to connect to close stones by running to a base somewhere.

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xela: Re: driving into a Moyo (2007-07-30 10:00) [#3637]

When you use the word "drive", you mean that you are making your own stones go into the other person's moyo? In other words, you are either invading or reducing? Both of those things can be good, depending on the context.

(I'm asking because "drive" often means pushing the other person's stones around. Driving the opponent's weak group into your own moyo is a common mistake.)

Can you make a diagram and show us a specific example? Maybe this would be a good thing to ask as a Big Question Mark. See how diagrams work if you're not sure how to draw diagrams on this site.

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