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RetEsz: Round 2 (2007-06-16 22:27) [#3453]

I read in the rules: Top 2 player of each pool to progress to round 2. How can decide who is the top 2 player, if two player has the same points ?

Ryzours: Re: Round 2 (2007-06-25 13:57) [#3487]

We will use SODOS as a tiebreaker.

RetEsz: Re: Round 2 (2007-07-12 12:26) [#3533]

In the second group I am the second place. I have more SODOS. I see the 2nd round has started, please let me play.

             1 2   3 4 5   6 7 8 9 A B C  SODOS
retesz       0 1,5 6 X 5,5 5 0 0 7 6 0 8     39
Duke_Garland 0 1,5 0 0 5,5 5 4 0 7 6 5 X     34
Walin: Re: Round 2 (2007-07-12 14:42) [#3534]

You are playing in handicap division, and it's second round has not yet started. It should start soon though.

RetEsz: Re: Round 2 (2007-07-13 09:48) [#3535]

I can read the page of the second round, and I can read "Fill in the game number when you have invited your opponent and the game has started." So, I thought the second round has started yet. Where did you read, is has not started ?

Walin: Re: Round 2 (2007-07-13 10:56) [#3536]

Well there has not been any info that it has started, and there's still three undecided players there. As I haven't done any checking of handicap pools I cannot say who those three are. But if you're one of them then there's nothing to stop you from starting to play I guess. But I would wait until your name is listed there before stating to invite. You should get message from 'Dragon Tourney 2007' when Round 2 pool is finalized.

-- Matti

Ryzours: ((no subject)) (2007-07-13 14:28) [#3537]

I didn't checked the sodos score when I made up the second round page, but I agree that you're qualified, so I'm adding you to the pool.
The rating taken into account for the handicap will be the rating at the start of the game, so it'd be better if all the games start at the same time (as much as possible anyway). Messages will be send when the second round actually starts.

RetEsz: Re: ((no subject)) (2007-07-13 22:25) [#3540]

Thank you. You are right, I wait for the message.

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