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Question about figure order(in print out) [#1007]

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ottomated: Question about figure order(in print out) (2007-06-10 05:03) [#3430]

Could someone please help me with this? I have to print these out by Monday.

Hi, Is there a way to change the oder in which the figures show up on a print out? I want to be able to print out each brach in order from left to right(as they appear in the tree). I don't know if this is clear, so here's a visual to help explain.

1 _ _ _ _ _
2 2 2 _ 2 _
3 3 3 _ 3 _
4 4 4 4 4 4
5 _ 5 5 5 5
6 _ 6 6 6 6
_ _ 7 7 7 _
a b c d e f
(underscores are there to keep the spacing correct)

ok, so if this is the tree as seen in the program, I want to print variations a, b, c, and d on one page, then e and f on the second page. Right now when I try and print it the layout is a, e, f, and b on the first page, and c and d on the second.

Hopefully someone will be able to decipher what I'm trying to say here.

oh, and btw, I'm using v2.21 right now. I'll upgrade if need be, I just haven't had a need to yet.


GillesArcas: Can make a try... (2007-06-10 09:56) [#3441]

Can make a try but not sure to succeed before tomorrow. What you want should be the normal behavior. Pleae send me your sgf file and drago.ini file from install folder (gilles_arcas at hotmail dot com).

ottomated: Re: Can make a try... (2007-06-11 00:18) [#3443]

Thank you, I just sent you the information. It's ok if you can't get it to me by tomorrow, although it would be easier for me, because I'll have another chance to print it out in a few weeks.

Thanks again

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