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About myself

I was born in 1989. I'm from Spain. DDK. I play in IGS from time to time.

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Some brief notes about books.

Ishi Press

G17 Kage's Secret Chronicles of Go

G37 Kato's Attack and Kill

G44 The 3-3 Point Modern Opening Strategy

Kiseido - Series Elementary Go Series

K10 In the Beginning

K11 38 Basic Josekis

K12 Tesuji

First chapter gives an idea of what reading is supposed to be. It deals with several go techniques. There're not many examples, though. It a good idea to look for problems to completely grasp them. I keep wondering many things about reading out moves:

  • Do you actually see the moves on the board?
  • Are you able to mantain several stones on the working memory while reading more moves? For example, are you able to see a long segments of the ladder while reading it and not 3 or 4 stones? The working memory is supposed to be a limited system... The idea I can think of is that you see several stones as a single unit or block (chucks) so that you reduce the workload. I think if one is able to do this, the ability to manage variations (reading width) should be boost considerably). I think the same applies to being aware of the final positions.
  • When playing the endgame do you overlap the images of two possibilities to compare them or you just do the counting?

Please feel free to comment at the bottom of the page

K13 Life and Death

K14 Attack and Defense

K15 The Endgame

Kiseido (not within a series)

K28 Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go

One of the first books about Go I read, it gives some advice about how to improve your reading (by reading ladders). It was quite moving at times. It's enjoyable to read even if you are not a very good player.

K36 Opening Theory Made Easy

K45 Positional Judgement

Kiseido - Series Graded Go Problems for Beginners

K46 Graded Go problems for beginners 1

K47 Graded Go problems for beginners 2

K48 Graded Go problems for beginners 3

K49 Graded Go problems for beginners 4

Kiseido - Series Get strong at Go

K51 Get Strong at the Opening

K52 Get Strong at Joseki v. 1

K53 Get Strong at Joseki v. 2

K54 Get Strong at Joseki v. 3

K55 Get Strong at Invading

K56 Get Strong at Tesuji

K57 Get Strong at the Endgame

K58 Get Strong at Life and Death

K59 Get Strong at Handicap Go

K60 Get Strong at Attacking

Kiseido - Series "Mastering the Basics"

K71 Five Hundred and One Opening Problems

I have grown to like this book a lot. I was very confused during the opening and I was very disappointed by the opening section of Graded Go Problems for Beginners. It has help me to consider several posibilities. While some other books might give some foundation like "Modern Opening Theory Made Easy", practise is essencial. Even if you don't get the same answer you see how to use the principles and get a feeling of how a good move looks like.

K72 One Thousand and One Life-and-Death Problems

Plenty of tsumego in one convenient package. If you can only have one book, I imagine it would be like this one.

K74 501 Tesuji Problems

K75 The Basics of Go Strategy

K76 All About Ko


Y18 Rescue and Capture

Y20 Lectures on Go Techniques v.1

I read this book some years ago and at that time it was quite clarifying for me. Its paperback edition is quite difficult to find in Europe, if not impossible, but I think yutopian is now selling an ebook version through a third party.

Y25 The Art of Go 2: Capturing stones

Y44 Lectures on the Opening v.1

Y47 Magic of placement

Y48 Lectures on Go Techniques v.2

Y51 Lectures on Go techniques v.3

Slate and Shell

Series Go Problems for Kyu Players

Small pamphlets. Interesting, but it does not offers good value for money.

Series Improve your Intuition

Mastering Ladders

In my opinion the only interesting thing about this book is its accompanying cd with plenty of ladder exercises.

Kyu Level Commentaries on Professional Games v.2

200 Endgame Problems


O- The Road to One Dan v.1

O3 100 Tips for Amateur Players v.1

O4 100 Tips for Amateur Players v.2

O5 100 Tips for Amateur Players v.3


This is haengma


  • French

Series Itinéraire d'un maître de GO

Les points vitaux du Go

Yose. Fins de partie au jeu du GO.

  • Japanese

Series The Book to Increase Your Fighting Strength at Go

  • Chinese

Series Li Chang Ho Jingjiang Weiqi Shoujin

Series Li Chang Ho Jingjiang Weiqi Sihuo

Books by level

I'll try to organise the books by level. Please note it might well be wrong.

Books per rank
Rank Title
Bg+ 20+ 10+ According to sellers Using other sources Uncertain
x Graded Go Problems for Beginners v.1
x Graded Go Problems for Beginners v.2
x x In the beginning Mastering Ladders
x Tesuji Go Problems for Kyu Players
x Life and Death

Messages (If you want to leave me a message, please use the space below)

Suggested format: "Author - dd/mm/yyyy - Comment"

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