I'm a bad go player with a long history of love of the game, inspired by its principles, and obsessing over clean rules.

Recently I became convinced the best expression of the game would very similar to basic AGA rules with the following differences.

  • Ikeda's rule from Area Rules III (see below)
  • Komi of flat 7 except when tiebreakers are really really necessary, because a perfectly drawn game is truly beautiful.
  • I totally support PSK over other superko rules, and I don't care why any of the others might be better.

The game procedure would be ever so slightly different.

To implement Ikeda's rule, and maintain equivalence:

White, if passing first, would extend a hand with a white stone--universally signaling a pass--but rather than hand it to Black, place it to White's right side of the board. This would signify that this stone is added to White's area for passing first, and is not a prisoner. White must still pass last to end the game, and passing stones must be passed to opponent per usual to maintain counting equivalence.

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