You Know You Are Addicted To SL When

    Keywords: Humour
  • You set your browser home page to Recent Changes
  • You wake up at 2 am to go to the bathroom and decide to check Recent Changes on the way back to bed
  • You visit Recent Changes and see nothing new, you hit refresh. Again. +
  • You've read every new update on the Full Recent Changes twice, but have unread emails from family members received 2 weeks ago.
  • You check the Undefined Pages list and decide to fix the typos found in some of the pages-- or worse, to actually create a page from there.
  • You, as a human, spend 2.5 hours trying to manually revert 200+ pages vandalized by spam bots. --MrTenuki and Phelan, who did exactly that on July 9, 2006. (Then again, we probably wouldn't have time to do that hadn't the attack occurred during a weekend...)
  • You get banned as soon as you log out, because you looked at too many pages too fast and are considered a bot.

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