Xuanxuan Qijing Problem 50 / Solution


In this case, black don't have other answer, because if any white stone manage to connect out, black simply don't have enough eye space.

Making the exchange of W5/B6 first before W1 yields the same position.

Solution cont. 1  

W1 puts both black chains under atari, so black has to capture with a or b.

Solution cont. 2  

It doesn't really matter which side black captures first, white just makes the throw in and both black chains are under atari again.

In this diagram black can't play B3 to capture W2 at c because it's a snapback, so black captures the other side.

After white throws in again, black is caught in double snapback

Wrong Attempt  

Back to the very beginning, W1 in this diagram doesn't work. After W2 to W4, a and b are miai for black to secure the second eye.

If white plays W1 at c, the same sequence works for black.

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