Xuanxuan Qijing Problem 169 / Solution


The solution is to play the kikashi at B1 before living at B3. Why the kikashi at B1, and why B3 here when there are other ways to live? The answers to these questions will be revealed at the end of the solution sequence.

Locally, W4 is the only way to kill the lower left group. B5 onwards is the only way out, and keep reading...

Solution (W14 at B11)  
Solution (W24 at black+circle)  

So the purpose of all these moves is to set up a ladder. (See Kyu Exercise 5 for an elaboration of these moves.) Does this ladder work?

Solution (W58 at B55)  

The final result... is a double snapback on all the White stones. So that's the purpose of the first two Black moves marked black+circle!

(Note that ignoring B1 in the original diagram to play in the lower left immediately doesn't help. This ladder still works then).

White, of course, should have read this out as well, and realized that W4 in the first diagram is pointless...

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