Weiqi Big Encyclopedia Series

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Weiqi Big Encyclopedia Series
Publisher: Chengdu Shidai Publishing, 2008

Weiqi Big Encyclopedia Series (围棋大全)


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Weiqi Big Complete Encyclopedia Series

Weiqi Joseki Big Complete Encyclopedia

(Revised Edition)ISBN 7-5364-5885-1
Published March 2006 (754 pages)
围棋定式大全 (修订本)
Part 1 - Hoshi 4-4 joseki
Part 2 - Komoku 3-4 joseki
Part 3 - Mokuhazushi 3-5 joseki
Part 4 - Takamoku 4-5 joseki
Part 5 - Sansan 3-3 joseki

Weiqi L&D Big Complete Encyclopedia

(Revised Edition) ISBN 7-5364-5887-8

Published March 2006 (761 pages)
围棋死活大全 (修订本)
Part 1 - Life and Death Commonly Known Information (Common Examples)
Part 2 - Life and Death in the Corner
Part 3 - Life and Death on the Sides
Part 4 - Selections Famous Ancient Works
The selected problems emphasize those which help the reader learn and practice life and death techniques. It is not a comprehensive coverage of the ancient books.
--Xuanxuan Qijing
--Guanzi Pu
--Gokyo Shumyo

Weiqi Tesuji Big Complete Encyclopedia

(Revised Edition) ISBN 7-5364-5886-X
Published March 2006 (761 pages)
围棋手筋大全 (修订本)
Part 1 - Fuseki Tesuji
--Tesuji for Making a Position 展开的手筋
--Tesuji for Drawing Near 接近的手筋
--Tesuji for Expanding 扩大的手筋
--Tesuji for Pressing Down 压迫的手筋
--Tesuji for Reducing 侵消的手筋
--Tesuji for Surrounding 围空的手筋
--Tesuji for Invading 打入的手筋
Part 2 - Middlegame Tesuji
--Tesuji for Separating 切断的手筋
--Tesuji for Sealing In 封锁的手筋
--Tesuji for Spoiling Shape
--Tesuji for Making Heavy
--Tesuji for Making Double Threats
--Tesuji for Taking Away the Base
--Tesuji for Capturing 吃子的手筋
--Tesuji for Intimidating with Ko
--Tesuji for Creating Weaknesses
--Tesuji for Counterattack 反击的手筋
--Tesuji for Probing 试应手的手筋
--Tesuji for Taking Sente 争先手的手筋
--Tesuji for Protecting Cutting Points
--Tesuji for Developing 出头的手筋
--Tesuji for Jumping Out 逃出的手筋
--Tesuji for Making Shape 整形的手筋
--Tesuji for Light and Lively Sabaki
--Tesuji for Defending Against Multiple Threats
--Tesuji for Solidifying a Base
--Tesuji for Using Sacrifice 弃子的手筋
--Tesuji for Resisting with Ko
--Tesuji for Bridging Under 渡的手筋
Part 3 - Endgame Tesuji
--Tesuji for Encroaching on Enemy Territory
--Tesuji for Breaking In 突破的手筋
--Tesuji for Forcing Removal
--Tesuji for Threatening to Kill
--Tesuji for Stopping Encroachment
--Tesuji for Playing a Dual Usage Move
--Tesuji for Making Shape in Sente
Part 4 - Life and Death Tesuji
--Tesuji for Extending Liberties 长气的手筋
--Tesuji for Securing Eye Shape
--Tesuji for Gaining Enough Space to Live
--Tesuji for Exploiting Shortage of Liberties
--Tesuji for Destroying Eye Shape
--Tesuji for Narrowing Your Opponent's Space
--Tesuji for Using Shortage of Liberties to Live
--Tesuji for Using Ko Fights 打劫的手筋

Weiqi Fuseki Big Complete Encyclopedia

(Revised Edition) ISBN 7-5364-5888-6
Published March 2006 (741 pages)
国棋布局大全 (修订本)
Part 1 - Komoku 3-4 Fuseki Types
--Diagonal Komoku Fuseki
--Shusaku Fuseki
--Parallel Komoku Fuseki
--Other Komoku Fuseki
Part 2 - Hoshi 4-4 Fuseki Types
--Diagonal Hoshi Fuseki
--Nirensei Fuseki
--Sanrensei Fuseki
--Diagonal Hoshi Komoku Fuseki
--Parallel Hoshi Komoku Fuseki
--Other Hoshi Fuseki
Part 3 - Chinese Fuseki
Part 4 - Other Fuseki
Part 5 - Modern Trend Fuseki (Korean Influenced)

Weiqi Endgame Big Complete Encyclopedia

(Revised Edition) ISBN 978-7-5364-6115-4
Published January 2007 (761 pages)
国棋官子大全 (修订本)
Part 1 - Foundational Knowledge
Part 2 - Categories of Endgame Plays
Part 3 - Calculating the Size of Endgame Plays and Determining the Value
Part 4 - Commonly Seen Endgame Shapes
Part 5 - Endgame Tesuji
Part 6 - Actual Game Situation Endgame Questions and Answers
Part 7 - Actual Games Selected for Endgame Study (20 Games)

The book below is from the original series by a different publisher. The revised editions are published around 2006-2007 while the original series is from around 1997.

Weiqi Strategy Big Complete Encyclopedia

Published May 2001 (793 pages) ISBN 7-80548-711-1
Part 1 - Strategy of the Big Moyo
Part 2 - Strategy of Invasion
Part 3 - Strategy of Reduction
Part 4 - Strategy of Managing Isolated Weak Groups
Part 5 - Strategy of Attacking
Part 6 - Strategy of Surrounding and Annihilating
Part 7 - Strategy of Ko Fighting
Part 8 - Strategy of Sabaki
Part 9 - Strategy of Sacrifice
Part 10 - Strategy of Fighting for Sente
Part 11 - Strategy of Using Silence to Bring About Action
Part 12 - The Decisive Play and the Strategy of Finding Victory in the Midst of Turbulence
Part 13 - Seizing Opportunities in Battle

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