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This is a page to advertise human to human Go opportunities in Utah.

Salt Lake Go Club

The go club that has been around for the longest in Utah. Has about 10 regulars and usually gets a few others that show up every once in a while. We meet at the Salt Lake Roasting Company's new location located at 820 E 400 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84102 every Thursday from 7:00 P.M.-9:00P.M. (New Hours). We encourage anyone who has a curiosity of the game or is looking for a challenge match to come and join us. All are welcome!

The strength ranges from absolute beginner to 6d. Here's a quick profile on some of the members.


Anders Kierulf - The strongest of the regulars he's AGA "3d" and the creator of Smart Go.

Matt - Mach1 on KGS. He's the current head of the SLC go club and the main organizer of the Utah Go events (like editing this page). He's about KGS 1k.

Steve - About 5k KGS (this is my estimate).

Bob - AGA unrated... about 15-23 kyu

Not-so-Frequent Members

Erik - Known as Mrkibbles on KGS Often teaches people beginners outside of Go. About KGS 1d

Mark - Our most senior member, has been in some sort of Utah Go Club since before IGS even. Strength: 6k

Robert Our strongest player. AGA 6d.

Former Members (but visit around the holidays)

Mike - Also known as Noobish on KGS. KGS 1k.

Kevin - Known as mrnoob on KGS. Aka The guy actually editing this page because he is the only one on KGS these days and people keep asking him about it. About KGS 2d.

BYU Go Club

Please check the facebook page for info regarding meeting location and time. [ext] https://www.facebook.com/groups/1668573313465677/ Typically we get around 6-10 people of varying skill levels. Below is a list of some of the more active members and their online accounts if you want to get in touch. Updated September 2018.

Active Members

Caleb: KGS 3-4kyu (beykakua on ogs/kgs); Honed his skills in Go by mastering the tesujis: (1) wearing headphones and (2) the winking eye. The latter being the impeccable play of filling one of your own eyes during a game of pair go in hopes of sabotaging your poor, unsuspecting teammate.

Zach: AGA 2dan (clywzach on ogs/kgs); Not content being a world-class yo-yoer, Zach trains hard to become a world class go-goer as well. As a matter of fact, he has once beaten Jason after spending his first 10 moves spelling "HI" on the middle of the board, striking a massive blow to Jason's well being (which Jason is using as fuel for revenge). Zach dreams of reaching shodan, but somehow finds himself in perplexing relationship crises and with too much homework for his poor time management skills to handle.

Paxton: KGS 4kyu (nocturna on ogs/kgs); Will strike fear into the hearts of his opponents while he plays the opponent just as much as he plays the board, however, he struggles against opponents who play with headphones on (like Caleb) as he is unable to unnerve the opponent with his crazed, Russian-esque mindgames.

Jason: AGA 1dan (zylix on ogs/kgs); Given the choice between making a second eye and playing tengen, there really is no question as to what his next move will be, for Jason has found no greater purpose in life than playing tengen when it is almost a good move.

Amber: 19ishkyu? (林安明 on ogs); She knows Chinese and also designs great posters for the Go club. Sadly, the ones in charge of club are too naive/unassertive to figure out how to use school club funding so the great posters have yet to get their overdue use.

Don: foxy 1-2dan (wu2017fall on ogs); This is definitely not how you spell his name but he's pretty good. If you see him at ping pong club kidnap him and bring him to go club. Also known to intentionally throw online games in hope that it'll bring Ke Jie luck in his games to come.

Alex: 14kyu (shurix on ogs); BYU Go club's most recent addition. Be on the lookout as he rises through the ranks.

Jordan2: 18kyu? (themostinterestingman on ogs); Top 10 smash bros melee player in Utah. If you ask him for advice in the game he'll beat you mercilessly and then tell you to "git gud."


Shawn: Was once upon a time a 1 dan when he was just a young lad growing up in China but stopped playing until only recently... will he rediscover his go power?

Tyler: Flyordie legend (around 1 dan).

Marc: 23kyu (DJwheelz on ogs); It's been told that if you pass during a liberty race against Marc that he'll bring you brownies the next week as a token of gratitude. He also convinces you there is an attractive women just around the corner so when you look away he'll play anywhere from 1 to 4 extra stones.

Jordan1: 20ishkyu? (MrBeau? on ogs); As a board game creator enthusiast, he aims for the highest of heights, that is, to remove Go from its king of board games pedestal. The result has been a wave of Frankenstein games, mixing elements of Go with manner of all other games. While such an act could be considered treason, he makes up for such a crime with his warm, friendly personality.

Provo Go Group

They meet at Boardgame Revolution at 411 E 1400 S Orem, Tuesdays at 7pm. (Boardgame Revolution closed in 2014!)

Devin - flakeman2 on OGS and KGS; KGS 5k

Carrie - EeveeM on KGS; KGS 2k AGA 1d

Daniel -green18dan on KGS; KGS 5k

Lynn - AGA 1d

Logan Go Club

Dead Provo Go group (as in no one has been for 3+ years)

A club currently including about 6 regulars. We meet in The Dragons Keep at 260N. University avenue on Tuesdays from 6 to 9 pm. The skill level is pretty evenly distributed from 4 kyu to Go imbecile, so anyone within this range will be able to find both even opponents and slightly stronger opponents which can help them measure their progress. This is a very beautiful go club, so to join you need to be very beautiful.


Ben 4k: Also known as terrorist on KGS and Ben on IGS, this guy is probably the coolest and most handsome guy in the universe. Known for his unusual openings, global play, and bull-crap tenukis, this guy will destroy you if you are weaker then 5 kyu, but is mutilated when given a handicap.

Eric 8k: Also known as aguess on Kgs. Eric is a super pretty guy who is married, and is probably the 3rd strongest in the club (at least the editor feels that way right now). Eric is good at the opening, and is never very submissive, making him tuff to give a handicap to.

Alex 6k: Also known as McBurton? and Arate on KGS, Alex is terrible at the opening, pretty bad at the midgame, and needs work on his play during endgame. He foolishly underestimates opponent's moves, which occasionally works against Ben's laughable invasions.

Fernando 10k: This guy is the boss, the gangster Brazilian who will beat you to death with a yard stick if you try to steal from his garden. Plays really normally, and then you invade him and he kills you unless the invasion was actually reasonable. Pretends to like moyos. but the truth is he just cant hold on to low territory, and thus is forced to play for the center.

Mihn Yat 10k: Famous for playing super loud moves to convince his opponents that he is making strong plays, then staring at his opponent trying to look knowledgeable. Mihn suffers from the immensely cowardly style, sacrifices any group that he senses his opponent bears ill will toward. Very strong kibitzer. He always eats Ben's candy and occasionally gives him a ride in his car.

Jeff 10k: His playing style is "suck bad"/absolute orthodox. Has beaten everybody evetybody even at one point or another, except Ben (weather he has beat Ben is in dispute). Does not like playing anymore, but still comes.

Kerry 10k: About as good as everyone else. Has recently been experimenting with side based openings

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