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KGS 4 kyu IGS 9 kyu


My style consists of doing whateatever I want in the opening:

   Anywhere along the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th line is fair game.

Anything beyond the 6th line is unreasonable, but occasionally play there. Don't think its not well thought out though. I always think of a couple things the stones will soon do before I play them. I do better than when I try to play 'normally' since I have no joseki memorized and am more used to playing against normal style then others are used to playing against my style.

Middlegame: Ruthlessly pursueing sente, my middle game consists of a lot of bull-crap tenukis, so I 'sacrifice' many stones, but also, you wont have much territory because I played first everywhere. Favorite middlegame proverb: Cut... Always.


   Amble about trying to get points, don't try so hard because it is not so exciting as the rest of the game.

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