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It is interesting that the sensei's Seattle page says that there was a congress in Seattle in 1986 and 1995 when "[ext] A Brief History of American Go" (PDF) says 1985 was the second US Congress in Seattle.

Perhaps some of you who actually went to these events can help out.

Bob McGuigan: The first U.S. Go Congress was actually in 1985. The AGA web page is in error on this point. I've filled in all the correct dates and places.

Malweth: Quoting the AGA E-Journal:

2006 US GO CONGRESS AND BEYOND: While the 2006 U.S. Go Congress is definitely set for the Asheville, NC area, Pennsylvania and Ohio are scouting sites for 2007 and 2008 "remains murky," according to Congress Liaison Bob Barber. "2009 will be in the Washington, DC area," adds Barber, "And there is some talk of 2010 at Colorado Springs, home of the Air Force Academy. I am always eager to hear from anybody who has any questions about Congresses. I am also eager to hear from anyone who may be interested in hosting one in the future." Email Barber

This indicates to me (admittedly somewhat ambiguously) that PA and OH are contending for 2007. 2008 remains unknown.

DrStraw Are you sure about the changes for 2007 and 2008. The way I read the AGA message was that OH and PA were looking for a place for 2007 and that 2008 was undecided. Most unlikely that it would be in the east 4 years in a row.

Bob McGuigan: I was surprised, too, to see so many future Congresses in the Eastern US, but it probably happened because of the difficulty to getting commitments from future Congress hosts and directors. In the early years the Congress alternated regularly between the East and West. But it is not easy to find people willing to do the job of running a Congress. It is largely a volunteer effort, requiring many many hours of work. Then there is the madhouse week plus of the actual Congress. The AGA wants to have things settled as far in advance as possible, to ease the preparation process. So I guess getting definite commitments from sites outweighted the desirability of alternation from East to West.

Velobici: It was stated during the 2004 (!) US Go Congress that these locations were to host the congresses and restated in the 29 August 2005 issue of the American Go Association eJournal. The 26th may be in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but that has not solidified at this point (August 2005).

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