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What else can we learn from this corner, besides train reading the outcome?

Tsuke-hiki 6-8 is a good move  

Tsuke-hiki 6-8 is agood move  

tderz: the hiki black+circle of the tsuke-hiki combination B6-B8 was a good shape move.

Vulgar atari changes the outcome  

tderz: After the vulgar atari B1,
Black must come back in gote and defend the cutting point a.
This gives White just enough tempo to save her group with b + c ("6 on the 2nd line in the corner lives").

Why is B1 so vulgar, so bad? (in comparision to above black+circle)

  • First, as explained, it loses a tempo.
  • Secondly (of course linked) it removes a weakness of White:

Removal of white weakness

tderz: circle is a weak spot in White's formation:
Black can peep there and has the miai pairs a-b and c-d to kill.

Right: The weakness has been removed (it's white's turn on the right side)

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