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The White group already has one eye on the left side, even with Black moving first, so he must make a second eye, or else escape. There is only a single sequence (up to order of moves, White could play at W5 instead of W1 or W3, but that seems inferior) that can possibly do this, and it seems to work. Since Black loses a lot if he tried to prevent the 2nd eye, maybe he should respond to W1 by connecting at W5, preventing the forcing sequence. This forces white to make life in gote at B4, and black can try to kill the top left white group, see below. The bottom left hand white group is alive because there is either another eye by moving at a, or else White moves at b and lives in the corner. Black can try to kill the top left white group by moving at c. Offhand, I don't see how White survives after that. The white group on the top right also seems vulnerable to attack after black plays at d and e. ilan

White makes a 2nd eye, escapes or captures  

For the most part this looks good to me, but I disagree with the reasoning slightly -- perhaps that's just my weakness showing through. I prefer W1 on the outside since it seems larger for white if black decides to ignore that move as opposed to W1 on the inside, as per your diagram. Also, W7 is atari on six stones as opposed to two, and if W7 at a, B9 saves those six stones in sente. Thoughts? -- Raine

Thanks. That last sequence is also superior because it helps the bottom group. However, Black won't allow it anyway. ilan

White makes a 2nd eye, escapes or captures  

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