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The purpose of B1  

The purpose of B1 is to capture a stone in sente, that is, it also aims at capturing a bunch of White stones with B3, resulting in a connect and die.


W2 is a thick play, eliminating Black's threat to run out to the center. Later B5 is answered with W6.


Later, if B5, W6 - W8.


In the SGF comments, it was claimed that Black cannot escape. Whether B5 can escape or not is not immediately obvious, and even it can be captured now, it leaves serious aji behind later.

Moves 66 to 73  

The game proceeds as shown. If W2 has been played at W8, then Black can atari at B3 and hane at B5, but White can hane at a. (In this diagram, W6 should be at W8, B7 should tenuki (and consider the chance to play at b) or play at a.)

Game taken from [ext] xela (7k) - tolung (17k), 3rd April 2004.

Comments by Bill and unkx80.

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