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Like this?  

Speedchase: What about B5 at W6?

Reuven: Would W then not play at A capturing those stones and having most of the board?

Herman: W6 @ B7 and black has nothing?

My attempt  

Gabriel: I'd do the Hane at the head of two stones. Closes off any chance of White making an eye around a. B5 forces W6 and white is dead.

The problem with this I just noticed is the loss of sente after B3, allowing W4 at b, which could be a problem for Black. Playing B3 at W4 could solve this, forcing White to set up a ko at a allowing black to play B5, and likewise White dies again.

Reuven: I think something got messed up with the diagram? The W stones are in atari here? (But B should of course play at b now)

Gabriel: I don't think anything is wrong with the diagram. This is how I see it playing out. I didn't see that atari, but it makes Black's job a lot easier though.

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