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Page 38: Second paragraph, "Diagram 38a" should be "Diagram 39"

Page 40: First paragraph, "Diagram 41" should be "Diagram 42"

Page 73: Uberdude: The analysis/diagram of "Kitani's counterargument" is incorrect: the game move of 89 was as below which lives but allows white to make a seki later:


It then explains that Kitani did not like to live in this way because "Even without the move of B79, which is at B4 here, the Black group would have been completely alive with a stone at B89. But to have this unnecessary stone at B79 just to leave a seki is unbearable for professionals...". This text is correct, however the accompanying diagram removes both the B79 stone and the hane in the corner (B87) and shows the following sequence (left) which is supposed to show black being alive.

However black is not alive here: white can connect at B8 and black cannot connect at the triangled point to avoid a false eye as he is short of liberties (and if he takes the two stones then white plays the triangled point). Presumably the diagram should already have a black stone at B8 (in which case a throw in at W7 is simply answered by capturing it), but the inclusion of the 7-8-9 stones is puzzling.

Bill: The diagram in the Japanese book is this.


Without the White connecting stone on C-18 Black is alive. The throw-in at 8 takes away a potential White liberty. :)

Page 84: Middle of the page, "we'd have been better off playing W97", W97 should be B97

Page 84: 3 paragraphs lower, "It was B1 through W7", W7 should be B7

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