The Appeal of Tesujis Volume 2

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The Appeal of Tesujis Volume 2
Part 4 of the series: Nihon Kiin Problem Collection
Publisher: Nihon Ki-in, 1999
ISBN10 4-8182-0444-7
206 pp.

次の一手・手筋の魅力〈2〉 (Appeal of Tesujis Volume 2, ISBN: 4-8182-0444-7) is the fourth volume of the Nihon Kiin Problem Collection.

The book contains 100 problems. The answer diagrams, of which there are typically three, appear on the flip side of the page along with a difficulty rating expressed as one, two or three stars. One star problems are 3 kyu to 5 kyu level. Two star problems are 1 kyu to 3 kyu level. Three star problems are more difficult.


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Table of Contents

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Sample Material

Problem 1, White to play, one star  
Problem 49, Black to play, three stars  
Problem 100, Black to play, two stars  


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