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I create/created this list using two sources

  1. The lessons or books of strong teachers.
  2. The bad tendencies that are revealed in my games by review.

The idea is to have a list to use during games, where each move I ask each question. The list should also be used in doing problems, and in reviews of games. Used often enough items in this list becomes instinctive.

Table of contents

Who has a favorable board?

  • What is the balance of territory?
  • What is the balance of potential territory?
  • What is the balance of power?
    • How are my groups?
    • How are my opponents groups?
      • Is the group unconditionally alive?
      • If it is not, how many options does it have?
      • Is it important?
      • Does it have any weaknesses?
      • If I need to, can I give up a part?
    • Which of each players groups is the weakest?

How can I effectively attack?

  • How am I weak?
    • How to play so that I do not expose my weakness?
    • How to play so that I protect my weakness?
  • How can I attack so that I make territory?
  • How can I attack severely?

What is the biggest point?

What is the quality of the move?

  • Am I creating a family feud?
  • Can I capture with a snapback?
  • Am I leaving aji?
  • Does this sequence end in sente or gote?
  • Is my move double edged?
  • Is my move crude?
    • Is my move aji keshi?
    • Is my move a needless atari or peep?

Do I have a plan?

  • Am I well balanced high vs low?
  • Is the plan still viable?
  • Is the plan flexible?
    • Have I commited to the kill?

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