Tewari(Sequence Dissection)


Tewari refers to Sequence Dissection. It's an important tool for analyzing local situations, especially during reviews.

How does it work?

  • Rearrange the order of moves and/or
  • Simplify by removing equal number of moves

If you remove equal numbers of black and white stones, then reassess the efficiency. If you change the move order, this can also clarify inefficiency.

Pro Game Example

Sequence Dissection can sometimes explain why pros tenuki instead of finishing a joseki. For example:

Yu Bin 9p (White) shoulder hits B6 black. But then after playing B8 and B10 ...

Moves 1 to 10  

Yu Bin 9p (White) tenuki and ignores the top right!

Moves 11 to 18  

If we then take away an equal number of stones from both players, black starts to look overconcentrated and white looks efficient (on the whole board).

End position  

Remove an Equal Number  

It's also unusual to self-peep when white shoulder-hits the Keima.

Normally, we might consider extending underneath or playing elsewhere.

Change the Move Order  

If we change the move order, with W3 played elsewhere, do the moves still make sense?

So, by dissecting the moves, we see who has greater efficiency.


By dissecting the shape, we find whites bold tenuki sequence made sense because it tricked black into be inefficient and overconcentrated.

Tewari is a powerful analysis tool we should all strive to master.

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