Tesuji from Games 11

    Keywords: Tesuji, Problem
Yi Ch'ang-ho - Yoda Norimoto 2006-02-24  

Early in this game Black (Yoda) captures fifteen stones in the upper right for an early lead. However, Black then fails to prevent White from enclosing the lower right on a large scale and White regains the lead. When White plays W1 to close off the center, Black can not compromise and therefore plays hane at B2. White has planned for this and exchanges W3 for B4 before cutting at W5.


Play continues up to W10 with White stopping Black's penetration into the center. At this point Black can play at a in order to cut off the seven White stones on the left side. White has foreseen this.

How does White live if Black plays at a now? Tesuji from Games 11/Attempts

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